Prayer List - March 7, 2021

 The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availieth much.

Jimmy Adams

M.W. "Dub" Adams

John and Marlene Black

Howard Bugg & Family

Lou Burk

Lea Burns

Danny & Phyllis Canup

Geneva Cline

June Coppock

Joanne Crane

Sandra Crowder

Robert Dabbs

Adam Davis

Herb Deshazo

Lewis Earwood

Kathryn & Stetson Ely

Jonathan Elzey

Syble Evans

Roger Fisher

Faye Floyd

Linda Gainey 

Ronald  & Evelyn Garland

Juanita Green 

Pastor Green, Janie & Family

Scott Guyton

Ian Hale

Willie Hall

Faith Hardin

Janice Hill

Katie Hinson

Cynthia Jenkins

Judy & Larry King

Retta Lee

Paul Lewis

Chuck & Riley Maudlin

Corey Mitchell

Laverne Owens

Bobbie Perkins

Zuela Powell

Alley Pruitt

K Adams Sanders

Wayne Self

Elaine Shepard

Tony Shubert

Randy Smith

J. W. Smith

Howell & Anna Strickland 

Doris Thacker

Joe Turner

Gene Waters

Breanna Watts

Roland & Carol Watts

Ray Williams

Patti Williamson

Madilyn Claire Wilson

Russell Wise

David Woodward

Anthony Womack

Gewene Womack

Teresa Woods

Sandra Worley

Phyllis Yarbrough

Cartersville Heights

Pete Hazelwood

Bobbie Jean Wilhoite

Maple Ridge

Wayne Adams 

Janice Dabbs

Ruth Keys

Quinton Memorial

Doris Harris

Reliable Healthcare

Ruth & Dulane Lewis

Oscar Lewis

Townsend Health & Rehab

Jane Owens

Winthrop Manor

Nina Green

In The Military

Jake Agers

TJ Anglin

Michael Bearden

Taylor Bearden

Chase Bullard

Dustin Camp

Conner Cox

John Cruz

Joshua Dyer

Andrew Ellis

Justin Garrett

Ethan Hobbs

Easton Jones

Jerry McMillan, Jr.

Brandon Parker

Chase Simmons

Adam Snead

Tyler Wheeles

Dylan Wilson

Ann Abernathy, who has heart valve problems.

Marie Abernathy has health issues and is under hospice care.

Rev. Bill Cline who has Covid - 19. 

Randy Bennett, who has serious health issues.

Rolanda Blackwell, who has various health issues. 

Eleanor Bruce, who has cancer.

Stephanie Bryant had surgery but is to have more procedures done.

Fain Cochran, who has cancer.

Bob Crowder, who has Leukemia.

Adalie Davis, who is five years old is now taking chemo treatments.

Kenny Dye, who had a heart valve replacement and continues to need our prayers. This is               Diane  Ragus' brother

Gene Dye He has Covid 19 and is on a ventilator. This is also Diane Ragus' brother

Brody Edwards, a young child who had surgery for cancer of the brain. Pray also for his parents.

David Fort who has a heart condition.

Rev Charles Garrett who has serious heart problems.

Wayne Gentry, who has cancer.

Cindy Graham who has serious health issues.

Mike Grazel who had a heart attack.

Ed Greer who is having problems with vertigo.

Lillian Greer who broke her hip and had replacement surgery December 16.

Jack Hardin who has various health issues.

James Harper who had a stroke.

Ethan Hickey, who is a two year old little boy diagnosed with leukemia.

Drew Simpson, Mary Cox's Brother-in-law is in the hospital with Covid 19.

Mary Ingram has multiple melanoma cancers.

Patricia Kammerer who has serious health issues.

Jeannie Peek, who has serious health issues.

Sherry Roberts who is Patti Williamson's sister.

Silas Sharpton who is a fifteen year old with leukemia

Bruce Simpson who has Covid-19.

Bristol Smith, who is a three year old with leukemia and other medical issues. Also pray for the parents.

Mary Sweat who has cellulitis in both legs.

Sandie Thomas. who has a special need for prayers.

Chris Turner who has lung problems, covid -19 and is on a ventilator

Nic Wallin, who is a sophomore at Cass High School who has leukemia.

Peggy Watson, who has cancer and needs our prayers.

Ronnie Williamson, who has health issues.

Peggy Wilson, who has jaw cancer and had radical surgery to remove the cancer.

If you know someone whose name needs to be added, updated or removed from the prayer list, write their name and information on a piece of paper from the basket at the back table and give it to Pastor Green, Wilma Findley, or put it back in the basket. 

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