From the Pen of the Pastor
Thoughts for the Month of June...
Flag Day - June 14, 2021 
Everyone is encouraged to fly the flag of the United States. Our country has many challenges facing it. We need to pray for and support our country.
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Father's Day - June 20th, 2021
1. Thou shalt hold no other group more important than the family unit; in all thy ways being faithful to it.
2. Thou shalt teach thy sons and daughters to love, respect and obey their parents. 
3. Thou shalt be a loving and considerate husband. 
4.  Thou shalt not speak in a manner unbecoming to a Christian. 
5.  Thou shalt make Sunday a day set aside for God and worship as a family. 
6.  Thou shalt provide for thy family - spiritually and physically. 
7.  Thou shalt promote and lead family worship in thy home. 
8.  Thou shalt be honest in all thy dealings. 
9.  Thou shalt respect the desires and freedoms of thy family members as individuals. 
10.  Thou shalt be the head of thy household, while ruling it with love. 
                                             --- Calvary United Methodist Church
                                                       Windber, PA 
If you are unable to attend services in person this Sunday, hover your Cursor over "PEN OF THE PASTOR" above and click on the  link "Pastor Green Video" when it appears.
Pastor Green would also like to ask that congregants who are unable to attend services send their your tithes and offerings to:
Pine Grove Baptist Church 
P.O. Box 1476
Cartersville, GA 30120
Attention: Stephen Lively
It is important to get these funds into our system in order to support our charitable operations as well as continue the operations of our church. Electric, gas, telephone, insurance, maintenance, and etc.
Special Prayer Requests:

1. Pray for our church, our nation and our leaders.

2. Pray for all who are recovering from natural disasters, and those who are assisting in the cleanup effort.

3. Pray for the persecuted Christians around the world. 

4. Pray for all missionaries. 

5. Pray for every church without a pastor.

6. Pray for all schools, colleges, etc.

7. Pray for all who have the coronavirus and also pray that the spread of it will            come  to an end.

8. Pray that confusion and division will cease and that God will lead to proper              answers for the problems facing our country.